Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Roaches & Ramshaw rocks.

A 'fine day' was what they said, so we decided to go to the Roaches and Ramshaw rocks. Well, THIS was what greeted us when we parked up!
So, best foot forward, we made the decision to reverse the walk, doing the low stuff first and saving the high ridges until later, giving it a chance to clear.

WHAT a good decision! As you can see, the blue sky started to peep through, and the jackets came off.

A nice example of a five step stone stile next to Black brook.

Looking up the East flank of the Roaches, it looks like things might improve by the time we get up there.

Shutlingsloe, or 'the Cheshire Matterhorn', as it is romantically known was catching some rays as we looked over to it. That had been a consideration for today's walk. I'll save that one for another day.

Huge cumulus clouds over Shutlingsloe.

We climbed higher to gain the end of the Roaches. Looking back, we could see the mast on Croker hill on the horizon, plus hangingstone rock to the right.

Sue, at Roaches end.

Piercing rays cut through the clouds to illuminate Tittesworth reservoir.

We stood in the warm sunshine, admiring the views, when we heard a young girl singing. Turning round, we spotted her, sitting on the trig' point.
How happy is she?

But then, with these sort of views, what's not to be happy about?

I decided to stop at Doxey pool for some lunch.
I unpacked the sandwiches, while Sue kept an eye out for malignant spirits.
You can read all about THOSE click HERE

The dark waters of the pool, softened by the blue skies above.

Lunched up, it was time to press on.
Here's Sue, with Hen Cloud behind, and
Tittesworth reservoir glimpsing on the right.

Hen Cloud juts upwards.

We made our way off the Roaches, and headed for Ramshaw rocks.
We were grateful not to be wearing shorts today, as the gorse was vicious and thick on the path.

The view across the valley to the Mermaid Inn, once a pub, now a 'corporate venue'. You can read about it's history; click HERE
You can read about the mermaid and the pond by clicking HERE

Sue poses with the view from the top.

Of course, I had to climb and pose on these rocks!

Only eight miles, but we had to have an early finish as we were going to see 'Everest' at the cinema. The chill of autumn could be felt now, and gloves were needed on the last hour of this walk.
Time to re-pack the rucksack for winter use!

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