Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Win hill and Hope.

A stiff climb was required today, as we'd not been able to walk for the last three Tuesdays. I chose Win hill.
We parked up in Hope village, and set off towards the slopes via Twitchill farm.

There are some lovely buildings in Hope, this was just one we passed.

Walking across the fields, we got a good view of the 'shivering face' of Mam tor, lit up by a shaft of sunlight.

This is the 'great ridge' or Castleton skyline, as it's known.
Lose hill (right) over to Mam tor (left), with the southern edge of Kinder scout visible beyond.

Today there were many shafts of light through the ever moving clouds.
This made for really nice detail of some of the hills.

Win hill, approached from this side, hides itself until you're RIGHT on top of it.
The final path up to the trig' point on top.

Yes - shorts! It wasn't too bad, but the wind had me reaching for my hat and gloves. 
More rays, making for great effects.
Looking down to one of the back reaches of Ladybower, with the snake pass visible at the far side of the reservoir.

One of the two viaducts.

Almost lunch time, but it was a little too draughty to stay on top, so we made our way off.
 Views a little hazy now.

The eerie-looking place we decided to sit and have lunch.

After we'd eaten, we took the path along the eastern flanks of Win hill.
Here, we got an uniterupted view of one of our favourite edges - Bamford.

Then the dam came into view.

A panorama of Bamford edge.

The sky kept trying to clear, with huge cumulus clouds scudding about and bits of blue sky appearing.

This stark tree and broken wall made for a good shot.

The surprisingly green path on the way down.

Beautiful Bamford, the rock striations picked out now by the sun.

Much better views of the dam, reservoir and viaduct from here.

We crossed the Edale valley line at Hope station by this lovely old Victorian iron bridge, made in 1894, and restored later.
You can read up on it, and bridges like it, by clicking HERE

We joined the fields that pass through Navio Roman fort (site of), but there are no real remains, just a sign to say it was here.
This is looking over Hope to Lose hill.

The top of Win hill can JUST be seen peeping over the ridge here.

Again, as the light picked out features, it looked stunning.

So far, no rain for us, but it WAS forecast, and this rainbow over the church reminded us. Note the grey skies.

Ten minutes later - blue sky again over the steeple!

We reached the car, still dry and felt great about being able to get out today.
Now home, for a nice cup of tea :-)

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