Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Butterflies and five wells

Today's walk would see some beautiful butterflies to kick us off.
We parked up in Wye dale, and set off up the river.

How beautiful and delicate is this?
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Down the steps cut into the footpath.

Under one of the many impressive stone bridges carrying the Monsal trail.

Bright, clear skies made for good photo's.

We entered Deep dale beyond Topley Pike quarry.

Steep, rocky sides are a feature of this dale.

The huge mouth of a cave appears on the left, and we can't resist stopping to investigate.

Shelter from the heat of the day - caves are always nice and cool.

A video from inside the cave (which, as far as I know, has no name).

Tender flowers cling to the limestone wall at the edge of the cave.

Time to move on, we made our way to the upper reaches of the dale, flanked by steep, stony sides.
Looking back down the dale.
 Looking forward to a 'softer' dale.

These are man-made 'adits' - or mine entrances in
 tiny Bullhay dale..

A gate stile at the top of the dale, where we crossed old coalpit lane to make
our way to the village of Chelmorton.

I added on a small detour over the fileds to take in this sign of late summer - a cropped field.

I was once asked what those big black things in the fields are at this time of the year. I whispered; 
"they're tractor eggs"

Tractor eggs being 'laid'.

As we walked over the field stubble, the crunching was hypnotic - a bit like walking on squeaky  fresh snow.

The 'ENGLAND' sign 'written' in stone on the side of Chelmorton low.
This innocuous little hill is the equal of Uluru, or Ayres rock, when the sunset is right.

Beautiful skies.

What's all this 'ear?

A dark, sheltered stile.

Netherlow, before the short descent into Chelmorton.
A sculpture in a village garden.

The beautiful old phone box in the village.

The quintessential village pub (and a good one), the Church Inn, Chelmorton.

Anyone not from Derbyshire would think this a strange name!

Chelmorton church,........

.....with it's very unusual wind vane.
Can you make it out? A golden grasshopper!

We left Chelmorton by the green lane that leads to Pillwell lane.
Another butterfly fest awaited us on the high meadows.

At Pillwell gate, we made a right turn, over a stile, to visit the 'five wells',
a chambered tomb, supposedly the highest in England. You can read about it 
by clicking HERE

We continued on along the track, bordered with pink.
We crossed the A6 road and made towards Blackwell village, where we turned right.

Through the fabulous meadows.
I'll let you into a secret - we 'lost' about an hour here, as we just relaxed back into the bed of grass - and both dozed off!

 Fanned by a gentle breeze, it was hard to stir from our totally relaxed state, but press on we must (sighh)

Through meadow after meadow of summer loveliness, it seemed a crime to tread amongst all this natural beauty.

We had gained a lot of height, here we are, looking down on 
Blackwell cottages, in Wye dale.

We dropped steeply down to re-join the river, before enjoying a stroll along the banks, and back to the car.