Thursday, 6 February 2014

Win, Win situation.

The long, wet winter hadn't done with us yet! With more rain forecast, we were glad to wake to a pleasant morning, albeit with the threat of rain later. It was obvious how much rain we'd had, as Ladybower was full to overflowing (and I suspect, so were the other two in this chain).

 Derwent edge, from the dam. Since the dam was widened and strengthened, STW now allow you to walk across it, which is really good.

 The overflow on the other side - seems even more water is going over here 
(or is it an optical illusion???)
To see a video of the overflow, click HERE

The climb up to Win hill begins
Hands on hips - knees in chest, Sue.

Climbing Parkin Clough (AKA 'Orgasm hill') :-)
Video - click HERE

After the slog up Parkin clough, then the flanks of Win hill, this is the reward - stupendous views over the reservoirs, Derwent edge, etc etc.

Sue reaches the summit trig point. 
We had just climbed a thousand feet in just over ONE kilometre!

Looking over the summit ridge, with Ladybower & Derwent edge behind.
The 360 panorama from here is amazing.

 360 degree panorama video from the top of Win Hill.
Click HERE

The only fly in the ointment - the huge and obvious Hope cement works

After enjoying the summit of Win hill, breathing in the clean, fresh air and huddling against the wind, it was time to press on. We made our way in a westerly, then north westerly direction along the obvious track.
We saw a mountain biker with a SHOVEL on his back - I wasn't quick enough to get a picture before he was gone.
One of lifes mysteries?? 

The views over to the sister hill, Lose hill, and the great ridge were stunning today.
Not the best of skies, but hey ho, we weren't complaining!

A glance back to Win hill, quite unimpressive from this angle.

Light glints on Hollins cross and back tor on the great ridge.

The flanks of Brown knoll and Kinder scout picked out by flecks of light.

The smooth, inviting path along the edge of the woods towards Hope cross,
The Roman road is over the wall on the left.
The wind was singing in the treetops as we walked along.

Don't ask me to explain this - I can't! 
WHY would the  wearer of such a glove be in such a remote place as this???
Someone's had a hand in this, I can tell you.

Every now and then, the sky just cleared and the blue shone through.

Then, just as quickly, it would cloud over again.
Hope cross in the foreground, the flanks of Lose hill & the great ridge behind.

Hope cross detail.

Although broken, this wall is somehow pleasing to the eye.

As we entered the trees (this is forestry land) to descend to Ladybower, we saw this old gatepost complete with leaded hinge insert.

Tunnel of loveliness.

Looking back.

Of course, in the damp conditions, we were in fungi country!

Small brackets on a log.

Black brackets among the moss.

HUGE brackets on a fallen birch.

Dropping down, we came across several ruins. It's a sad thought that this was once someone's pride and joy, their farm, their home, their land.

The old gateposts, the gate long since gone.

We pushed on, losing most of that height we'd worked so hard to gain earlier.
On the way down to the reservoir arm, we noticed the pine cones, open to the day.

We also got the pungent smell of freshly cut logs as we emerged from the trees. Before we saw them, the air heavy with their scent. Sue & I LOVE to get this 'perfume' - it's so lovely, no wonder they use an equivalent in room air fresheners.
We could hear more cousins of these being harvested way above us, the buzz of the saw a constant companion now as we walked along.

The Snake road viaduct, 'seeable' at this time of the year through the naked trees.

After 'escaping' the rain all day, it had to go and spoil itself, and we had to don waterproof coats in the last half-mile.
However, it was short lived, and we got this AMAZING reward as we got back to the dam.
A FULL BOW rainbow crossing the reservoir.

You can see a video of the rainbow, click HERE


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  2. Really nice photos Les - I've only been up Wiin Hill once before but I enjoyed it. However, I've got to admit I've never seen water going over the 'Overflow' before, last time I was in the area the water was at a critical level.
    Cheers for sharing it with us

  3. Beautiful photos, Les, it looks like a good day for it! I love walking there, I think I've walked the same paths but as two different walks, not as a whole one.

  4. Richard, if we get a long period of rain, try and go to see the water flowing over the top of the middle dam, it's awesome!
    Louise, one day, we'll pass and say 'hi' to each other - a bit of a Wainwright moment :-)