Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Snowy Derbyshire today, & the sink hole at Foolow

A light shower of snow made the countryside really beautiful today. 
The day started awfully, rain, wind, cold, but what a difference  a few hours makes!

The ridge above Monsal dale

Fields around Wardlow.

Wardlow Hay cop.

Middleton moors.

 Looking north towards Kinder Scout.

Eyam adge

On Eyam edge, looking for the 'hole'.


Looking along Eyam edge towards the Barrel inn.

 Looking south towards Bakewell

I LOVE this car :-)

Poor sheep, foraging in the snow.

Isolated farm.

This hole appeared overnight. The council have surrounded it with red tape now.

Steep & deep.

 Lovely skies and clouds on the way home.

We truly live in the most beautiful place, and we love it.

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  1. The first trip report of a visit to the sinkhole that I've read; thanks for this. On a couple of occasions I'd planned to go there, but ended up having to make alternative arrangements.