Thursday, 30 April 2015

An evening 'stroll' - 7 1/2 miles

After having no choice but to go to Chesterfield during the day, we felt cheated of a walk on our day off. However, with the nights now drawing out, we decided to go out locally for the last three hours of daylight. I'd seen a picture posted on facebook of bluebells in Cumbria. 'That's strange', I thought, 'they're usually at least two weeks behind us'! So, I needed to see if the bluebells were out in our local woods.
We left our cottage and dropped down into Bakewell town.
This is looking downstream on the river Wye, from the famous Bakewell stone bridge.

We wandered along the river, enjoying the cool but bright evening. It wasn't long before we saw them - a sea of blue! So - we HAD got our own show.

It was a joy to see them dancing in the breeze - LOADS of them, all around us.

It was also exciting to see this huge badger sett, at least twenty holes in it.

The smell, oh, the smell, simply divine!

We left the woods and crossed the fields towards Haddon hall. On the way, we saw this fine pair of horns.

This fallen tree shows the power involved - a strong, steel fence, crushed & flattened like so much matchwood.

Next, it was 'up and over' to Lathkill dale. We passed this fine barn on the way.

Looking back, a zoomed picture of Haddon hall.

Looking south from the path over the top, wonderful views this evening.

Then, after crossing a couple of more fields, we dropped down through the woods towards Lathkill dale. The evening sun creating long shadows.

Raper bridge, and a smiling Sue

The bridge and weir.

Then, after walking through trees and crossing Conksbury bridge, we entered the dale proper. 
This is one beautiful dale, especially so on a night like this.

Marsh marigold in profusion here.

A Pen, on her nest, incubating the next generation, is guarded by the Cob.

 The church at Over Haddon

We called into the local pub, the Lathkil hotel, and I just can't get to the bottom of WHY it only has one 'l' in its name?
The beer was nice though :-)
A short walk in the now evening chill brought us home for a well-deserved dinner.


  1. WONDERFUL walk!! I so enjoy these you and Sue do.....always send them to my Australian penpal who loves them too!!

  2. Thanks both, glad you enjoyed the pics :-)