Friday, 16 August 2013

A few sunset pictures.

As were were headed over Monsal head top, we paused to admire yet another lovely sunset. We also stopped to look over the hill of Wardlow Hay Cop (370mtrs)

The sun dips over the horizon, with Wardlow Hay Cop to the right.
 Stark pink and black.

 Now we're past the equinox, the sun is starting to set more and more left. See that tree right of centre? It sets BANG behind that on the equinox.

 Heavy cloudbase, with the sun creeping underneath.

 Simple, but stunning lines.

Sheet rain gets in the picture.

As if to extinguish the sun, the rain creeps towards it as it sets.

Like a fire over the hill.

Last peep..........

...... and Phoebus makes her exit.

Different night - different colours, ALWAYS as treat!

Far more of a golden sunset.

Buttercup-yellows spread upwards from the horizon, through the cloudbase.

Time for bed ;-)

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