Friday, 5 July 2013

Bakewell well dressings, 2013

This year, we managed to get to see our own well dressings. Usually, we are so busy, we forget and they are dried out and tired by the time we think about it.
Well dressing is an ancient art, to bless the wells, and give thanks for the gift of water. You can read lots more about the practice by clicking HERE

Also, see just how popular it is by looking at the diary of different dressings - click HERE

The first four dressings are in Bath gardens, in the middle of Bakewell. This one was done by the Brownies, and had a Thomas the tank engine theme.

The next one was done by the Bakewell junior school, and was all to do with the weather (very British subject).

Now we start to see the professionals at work. This sort of dressing can take many HUNDREDS of hours to do. Teams of dedicated people labour away, often under time pressure, to get them done in time. 'Moses strikes the rock' was the theme this year.

John died recently. He was a great lover and supporter of the well dressings. This was a special well, done in his memory

The wells then move on up the hill to the church. On the way, this one, constructed by a local prep school, St Anselms, to commemorate their 125 years anniversary.
Not a bad record!

This clever one was on the church steps. 'Builders, wise and foolish' was the theme. It's VERY clever too, with the two sides of the house, one good, one bad.

On the way to see the last dressing, we noticed these old stone coffins leaning against the church wall. Once you were in one of these, there was NO chance of you getting out!

Just for size comparison.

The last dressing, done by Bakewell infants (with more than a little help). The well stars of the future!


  1. Wow, those coffins are a little scary! Isn't it always the same, things on your own doorstep are often overlooked which is why we are trying this year to concentrate on visiting more local sights.
    The special well for John, is absolutely wonderful. Suzy

  2. We went to see the well dressing at Chadkirk on Sunday though they only have one there. I really like the Moses design and what a lovely and fitting tribute to decorate a well for John.