Thursday, 6 June 2013

Tapas and sunsets.

This is one of our favourite times of the year. We have about an 8 week 'window' where we can get to Monsal head to watch the sunset after work. We finish about 8:30, so at the beginning and end of the 'window', it can be a bit of a rush. Now though, as we approach midsummer, it's not until about 9:30 when the sun sets, so we've even time to do a plate of tapas, chill a bottle of white, and make our way there.

We're never alone, as lots of people are finding out just how lovely it is. Sometimes you get noisy people who really spoil the ambiance and serenity, but mostly it's kindred spirits who come to sit, enjoy the quiet, take a few pictures and relax while witnessing one of natures best shows.

At the equinox, the sun sets behind that tree on the top right of the ridge.

Sue examines tonight's supper as we wait.

Starting to dip. The sky everywhere else is clear and flawless, but we nearly ALWAYS get some kind of cloud where the sun dips. 

Sometimes the cloud adds to the show, and that's the case tonight.

The last edge of the sun drops behind the ridge, just left of the tree.

And in a fleeting moment - it's gone!
A few aeroplane trails mar the perfect sky above.

Then, we were left with just this azure blue expanse.
Until the next time.

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  1. Lovely. I've never watched the sun set from there, but I might do so now.