Saturday, 18 May 2013

Blue heaven - an English bluebell wood in its prime.

I make NO apologies for this blog entry being almost ALL bluebells - they are my personal favourite, I can never get enough of them. This beautiful flower is glorious for just about one week each year.

Come with me, in a walk through an English bluebell wood, with not ONE of the paler, less impressive Spanish ones in sight!

Little speedwell sit in patches around the bluebell wood.
This flower always looks to me like it's smiling!

Wood violet too, all vying to show off their livery to passing bees.

Gateway to blue heaven.

And the star of the show - a sea of English bluebells.

BIG breaths in - the perfume in this wood is INCREDIBLE!

A close-up of one of the crowd.

The wood, (Shaw wood, at Oakerthorpe) has had quite a bit of work done. Coppicing, wood shred on the muddy paths, etc etc.

Fallen trees, drowning in a sea of blue.

A REAL sea of bluebells!

The lovely, and improved, path through Shaw wood.

Sue takes it all in. Like me, she is a real lover of the bluebell.

Tiny stitchwort stretch up and shout; "ME, ME, LOOK AT ME!!!"

Sue, again contemplates the beauty of it all.

So many blooms - so little time - get BUSY, Mr bee!

Another addition to Shaw wood, a place to sit and contemplate.

The fractal lines of new bracken growth.

I'm amazed that anything else can get a look-in to grow here, but it does. 
This is (I think) a clump of comfrey.

Every now and then, a spot of white appears in the blue carpet. Why, I don't know?

White and blue, juxtaposed in perfect harmony.

A BUM-ble bee!!

The sky was darkening quickly as we left the wood for home.
As predicted, it then rained for most of the remaining afternoon.
This poor arrival to England wasn't impressed. Click on the picture for a larger version.
I hope you've enjoyed our trip through the bluebell wood.
See you next year?


  1. Beautiful, can almost smell them! xx

  2. Stunning images! Thank you x Jane

  3. Thanks both - glad you enjoyed them :-)

  4. Glad you were there 'in time' and shared with us.