Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Ascent of Goat Fell, isle of Arran, 2010

For anyone interested, there's a collection of pictures, done as a video, on our ascent of Goat Fell in almost PERFECT conditions. 

To see the pictures, click HERE


  1. That's great. What great views you had a perfect day for it! I loved the sideways icicle!

    Any news on Costa yet? I went to Bakewell at the weekend and supported a local cafe and signed a paper petition. The girl in there said the plans had been approved?

  2. It WAS a perfect day, Louise. One of those we will never forget.
    The guy who led the campaign against Costa met with their representative, and was told in arrogant, and no uncertain terms that they would ignore over 11,000 signatures, and open in Bakewell soon. This will be their THIRD outlet in the town, having machines in the fuel station AND in the Co-op!