Thursday, 24 January 2013

Snowy Bakewell

Not so much a blog entry, this one, just a trip around Bakewell in the snow with my camera. Maybe best viewed by clicking on the first picture and watching the slideshow?

The walk down 'the butts' to Bakewell.
 Sticky snow - my favourite sort, on the branches above as we walked down.

 Looking down the river Wye from the footbridge to the car park.

 River from the main footbridge.
 Looking upstream.
 Water fowl and weir.

I just LOVE the way that log is placed - couldn't have put it better myself.

Looking downstream.

 Quiet backwater.

JUST like a Christmas card.
The ducks were in flocks, hoping to be fed.
Sticky snow clinging to branches - LOVELY!

 East riverside walkway.

 Iconic Bakewell bridge.

Looking down to the footbridge.

.....and back to Sue.

 White geese, almost invisible, blending in with the snow.

 Looking downstream to the stone road bridge.

Not many takers today for this cold seat.
....or for these either.

 Snowman in the centre of town.
(Snowman joke - First snowman to second snowman; "Can you smell carrots??")

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